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Water Chemistry Laboratory of the Hacettepe University Hydrogeological Engineering Section is in continuous operation since its establishment in 1987.

Routine studies carried out in the laboratory are;

  • determination of physical and chemical properties of drinking, irrigation, industrial, thermal- mineral water samples,
  • trace and toxic element analyses,
  • microbiological analyses,
  • contamination/pollution research on surface and groundwater resources.

Besides the routine water analyses, under the scope of various academic research activities, solid materials such as, soil, bottom material, mineral and rock specimens are also analyzed for chemical composition.

Analytical, sampling and sample preservation methods followed by the HU WCL are based on the procedures given in "Standard Methods For the Examination of Water and Waste Water" standards book prepared and revised periodically by APHA (American Public Health Association), AWWA (American Water Work Association) and WPCF (Water Pollution Control Federation)

HU WCL, equipped with modern analytical instruments is operated by highly experienced personnel. Quality of laboratory services has been approved by "Turkish Standards Institution" (TSE) with a "Laboratory Efficiency" certificate. Quality of services are checked annualy by the TSE.

Hacettepe University Water Chemistry Laboratory
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